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Online shopping is growing rapidly in Canada, which means that e-commerce is quickly becoming a necessity for Canadian retailers and even for many B2B businesses.


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Why should you sell onine?

  • Improve client experience
  • Allows you to sell 24 hours a day
  • Lower operating costs
  • Ability to analyze data in real time
  • Global clientele
  • Easy to share and sync content across all social networks
  • Online sales have become an essential source of income
  • Funding available (provincial and government grants)

The advantage of a partnership with Koops Digital

  • Transactional platform for all budgets and possibility of monthly payment
  • Adapted and tailor-made online store
  • Option to manage your own store without intervention
  • Possibility of selling services and products (products, reservations, services, etc.)
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Coaching and support by a touch point only


We can help you create and (possibly) manage your online store. Contact us for more information..

With relatively low operating costs (compared to an actual physical location), the ability to track your customers (where they come from, what they buy, what they are looking for and where they are going) combined with a relatively simple way to provide a better online shopping experience makes an online store an undeniable platform for selling your products or services.

Management of time

Besides setting up the online store and implementing all plugins, a lot of time will be spent on adding products, description, and meta tags for search engines.

User test

We will test the website thoroughly after you create and complete the website

Market research

While implementing the products, we will also research the search words and phrases that people use to find your products.

Team work

We will work closely with you when adding products.

Product Features

We can help you create and (possibly) manage your online store. Contact us for more information.


Personalized design

Responsive design

Creative idea

User experience

User experience is of course the most important thing when running an online store.

Brand redesign

Whenever you want, we can help you rethink your brand.

Web & App Development

When we design an online store, our main task is to make sure that the website works on different browsers, but also on your mobile phone and tablet.

Our client’s e-commerce website
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La Boîte de Noël


You have the products or services and we have the knowledge to bring them online.

We help you grow your business

The numbers

Social media is an important part of a successful online business. All online products will need to be linked to social media channels to attract website visitors and improve conversion rate.

  • Conversion rate – 90%
  • Returning users – 77%
  • Social followers – 85%


Satisfied clients

Ongoing projects

Cups of coffee


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