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It is our mission to help you grow your business while staying within your budget.

We create websites, manage social media, write content, translate, take photos, provide promotional clothing and much more.
We are a full-service Quebec marketing company that serves the province of Quebec and the rest of Canada via our website.

Our new website [ PrintEZ ] is now open!

Personalize your samples of corporate, sports or promotional clothing and contact us for special prices for larger quantities

Decorating options

Direct-to-Garment Printing (DTG) is a great way to print small quantities of an item (max. 25 pieces).

If you need more than 25 items with the same design, consider full color vinyl heat transfer (25-100 pieces) or sublimation heat transfer (up to 200 pieces).

For large quantities, we suggest screen printing.
For printing 150 to 5000 garments (up to 12 colors) (11 colors + white)

Thicker clothing such as sweatshirts, hoodies and polo / golf shirts can be embroidered. It’s even possible to embroider a T-shirt, but we don’t recommend it, unless the T-shirt is at least 10oz or more (thicker quality)
Embroidery is the ultimate way to spruce up your baseball caps and knitted hats (toques)

Digital Marketing Communication Canada

What we do

Website design, graphic design, social media management, translations, copywriting, e-commerce, online reservation system, stationary, brochures, and much more.

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Web Design

Koops Digital knows, like no other, the ingredients that a website needs to optimally convince (potential) customers. Our creative web designers literally translate your products or services on a Joomla or WordPress website.

Brand identity

The brand identity of a company or a product is the visual element that represents and communicates the distinctive fundamental values to the market.

Social media

By effectively using social media, you can increase brand awareness and generate more online sales from your social networks. We are happy to help you manage your social networks and plan your content.

Marketing strategy

Determining the marketing strategies for your products and your business is key to the success of your business. Koops Digital offers you strategic and effective marketing solutions for your products and business.


With over 15 years of experience in translation services and several translators at our disposal, Koops Digital can provide all of our public and private clients with translations into and from French, English and Dutch.


If you are looking for a photographer who delivers frank and bright photos in Saguenay (Bas-Saguenay), Koops Digital can provide you with the images you are looking for.

Stationery and brochures

Koops Digital can complete your future printing project: brochures, business cards, calendars, postcards, catalog sheets, leaflets, training manuals, forms, greeting cards, newspapers, annual reports, labels, laminating binders , stationery, flyers, letterhead, menus, checks, booklet printing, newsletters, report covers, notepads, compliment sheets, brochures, postcards, price lists, wedding invitations, raffle books, printed envelopes, labels, banners, vertical banners, door hangers and much more.


Online shopping is growing rapidly in Canada, which means that e-commerce is quickly becoming a necessity for Canadian retailers and even for many B2B businesses. With relatively low operating costs (compared to an actual physical location), the ability to track your customers (where they come from, what they buy, what they are looking for and where they are going) combined with a relatively simple way to provide a better online shopping experience makes an online store an undeniable platform for selling your products or services. We can help you create and (possibly) manage your online store. Contact us for more information.


Lost for words? We can write or copy the verification of ALL your communications. Unique content created especially for you! Content is King. Speaking the language of your customers builds relationships, while the wrong marketing material can reduce your chances before you even start. We have extensive experience sizzling your content in the right places, having worked on a variety of projects, including websites, product descriptions, blogs and press releases. All of this to help customers increase their credibility and get their message across to the right audience – turning potential customers into customers. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

We are open and are now taking on projects

Generate new ideas.
Solving big problems.


Satisfied clients

Active projects

Cups of coffee

Why we are different

Through our years of experience, we have acquired a wealth of knowledge and we put it to your advantage.
We have the ability to put ourselves in the shoes of the client and our clients’ clients.

We also have the ability to think and anticipate and implement all the technical knowledge to make your online presence a success.

We do everything we can to help you grow your business.

Our last projects

We are actively working on our www.boitedeboel.ca and www.gift-boxes.ca projets

La Boîte de Noël

We have developed and are still actively working on adding products to the Christmas Box website (www.boitedenoel.ca). We have also developed www.gift-boxes.ca. Another ongoing project.
This e-commerce website aims to support local small businesses where employers can create Christmas boxes and Gift Boxes for their friends, and family, employees and business connections.
We’ve integrated it into Facebook Marketplace, Google Shopping, Pinterest, and Instagram. We have also installed Google Analytics and other tools to monitor the website.

Contact us for a free consultation and an evaluation of your e-commerce project.

Buy with confidence from experienced people.
Get the best deals and advice on the most effective promotional products.

We offer good value for money with new ideas.

Contact us for a free consultation or quote!

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Take advantage of our 25+ years of marketing experience.


We are servicing Canada from coast to coast.


We develop and create websites tailored to your needs. Nothing we make comes out of the box. We create something original, functional and consistent with the values and design of your company.


Did you know that we also provide promotional, corporate and sports clothing with the logo of your product or company printed or embroidered?


Whether you have a restaurant, lodge, pet store, hotel, motel, or are a wholesaler, hairstylist, or other retailer, we all need help to increase business. We’re here to help you grow your business.


If you want to stay in business, you will need to promote your business and increase customer awareness.
We assess your business and suggest a strategy that will help you and your business.

Online marketing and classic marketing.


An easy way to get more potential customers or to prepare your product for export is to translate your content. Whether it’s your existing brochures or your website, we are there to translate from French to English, English to French or even to and from Dutch and German.



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